Qatargate suspect Eva Kaili set to go back to work at EU Parliament

ATHENS ̵1; European lawmakers can soon hope to be reunited with their colleague, Eva Kelly.

Five months after being arrested by Belgian police as part of an ongoing investigation into corruption allegations that rocked the European Parliament, EU MP Eva Kelly now intends to return to work,

The Belgian prosecutor’s office announced that a day later once welcomed Kelly’s lawyers said that now that the EU lawmaker is no longer under house arrest, she is ready to resume her duties in the European Parliament.

Her lawyers Sven Marie and Michelis Dimitrakopoulos said in a joint statement, “As of today … Eva Kelly is determined to leave her residence and fully exercise all her rights and obligations derived from her position as a member of the European Parliament.” are free to do.”

“The restrictive condition of the ban on leaving Belgium, which was imposed, does not bother her, as Kaley will return to Greece only after her judicial indictment,” he said, adding that “the documents of Kaley’s innocence are growing every day.” ” ,

However, since this ban also prevents her from traveling to Strasbourg in France for the plenary session of the European Parliament, she still cannot fully perform her duties as an EU MP.

Dimitrakopoulos confirmed to Politico that she still cannot travel to Strasbourg, but said it would be resolved soon.

Kelly was one of the first people arrested in a raid by Belgian police last December, as he launched a wider investigation into whether other countries, including Qatar and Morocco, were involved in bribing EU lawmakers. came to be known as Qatargate,

After being detained several times, she was moved from jail to house arrest With an electronic monitor in mid-April, pending testing.

With her electronic tag removed, Kelly will be able to move freely and will join other former Katargate detainees such as Belgian MEP Marc Tarabella, who were recently ordered monitoring removed And Was seen Back to the European Parliament this week.