PTI chief’s political career is over: Maryam

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LAHORE: In a scathing tirade against PTI chairman Imran Khan, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief organiser Maryam Nawaz alleged he was the mastermind of the ‘planned attacks’ on army installations in different parts of the country.

“Your [Mr Khan’s] time is over and no one will try to get a PTI ticket in next elections,” she believed, adding that the nation would spare neither Mr Khan nor his “facilitators”.

She expressed these views on Friday while addressing the party’s youth convention in Vehari district where other leaders and workers including Tehmina Doltana, Saeed Khan Manais, Syed Sajid Mehdi, Naeem Bhabha, Chaudhry Faqeer Ahmad, Arif Khursheed, Malik Nosher Langerial had gathered to listen to the party leadership.

“The May 9 attacks were not spontaneous, the plan was developed in the Zaman Park,” she alleged, adding that even the country enemies had never succeeded in such designs.

“It was a planned attack and the rioters did not touch any other public or private building, but directly approached Corps Commander House in Lahore, GHQ in Rawalpindi, Cantonment in Multan, FC headquarters in Peshawar and ISI offices,” the PML-N leader said.

PML-N leader claims last year’s long march aimed at impeding appointment of incumbent army chief

She said her father Nawaz Sharif, who has all reverence for the army, had only sought replies from former army chief and ex-spymaster for allegedly ‘facilitating’ Mr Khan’s quest for power. But Mr Khan should be ashamed of his repeated attempts to make the army weak, she said.

“May 9 attacks were carried out to pressurise the army and make it weak,” she said, adding that Mr Khan and his ‘facilitators’ had been trying to make the army weak since 2018.

Last year’s long march by Mr Khan to Islamabad was planned to impede the appointment of Chief of Army Staff Syed Asim Munir, she said.

“The conspiracy started when the chief of army staff [Gen Asim Munir] was removed as DG ISI and he [Mr Khan] brought Lt Gen Faiz [Hamid] because he [Mr Khan] wanted to stay in power for 10 years,” she said.

He even tried tooth and nail to oppose changing the then ISI DG (Gen Faiz Hamid) due to the same reason, she added.

She said Mr Khan’s political life had already come to the finishing line.

Referring to his accusations against her that she was taking revenge, Ms Nawaz said: “My father had left the matter to the wrath of God as they did not believe in taking revenge.”

The PML-N leader said Mr Khan was scared of jail sentence as he along with his spouse looted billions of rupees in the Toshakhana and Al-Qadir Trust cases. “A person with clean record does not fear jail,” she said, claiming that all their family members had been jailed yet Mr Khan along with his facilitators failed to prove any charges against them.

The nation would not spare Mr Khan and all his facilitators, including judges, she said, adding that PTI would turn to ashes. While PTI workers were facing terrorism charges for attacking army installations, Mr Khan’s children were sitting comfortably in London, she said before questioning why his children did not take part in those protests “if the cause was good”.

She alleged that Khadija Shah, who was involved in attacking army installations and making videos of the attacks, claimed she was a British national and had contacted the UK embassy for help. On the other hand, Hasaan Niazi has been hiding after making videos and photos of disrespecting army uniform and the arson attacks on Corps Commander House in Lahore, she added.

Published in Dawn, May 27th, 2023