Pregnant women being turned away from Covid vaccine clinics, warn experts


Pregnant women are being turned away from Covid vaccine clinics despite clinical advice, experts have warned as they urged ministers to intensify efforts to reach out to unaffiliated groups.

Members of the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (JCVI) told the Guardian that efforts to increase booster jab uptake will not be enough to prevent more deaths and hospitalizations, and ministers should prioritize reaching those who have There are no jobs. In particular he urged pregnant women to focus on: only about 15% Fully vaccinated in the UK. Between all over-12s, figure is 79%.

on Tuesday NHS He said pregnant women should never walk away from clinics and added that vaccines can save the lives of women and their babies.

New data from Oxford University’s MBRRCE-UK study on maternal health, seen by the Guardian, shows that at least 13 pregnant women died with Covid between July and September this year, of whom 85% were considered unrelated Gaya. The figure is higher than in the first and second waves of the pandemic, when nine and 11 pregnant women died, but when jobs were not available.

Prof Marion Knight, head of MBRRCE-UK programme, said there is still no join-up messaging in healthcare. “Women are being turned away from clinics and now some trusts are offering it as part of maternity service, but it is not universal so there are still barriers,” she said.

“It’s important that we start looking at data on outcomes in vaccinated women so that we can show evidence that vaccines are safe, rather than just saying that they are safe.” no proof they harm. These are very small numbers, but the point is that the women could have been saved; The children have become orphans.”

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