Practising Yoga Nidra to Eating Drumstick Paratha: 5 Secrets of PM Modi’s fitness

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Image Source : SOCIAL These are the 5 Secrets of PM Modi’s fitness.

For Prime Minister Narendra Modi, age is just a number because his fitness beats his age. He will turn 73 on September 17, 2023. PM Modi is an inspiration not only for today’s youth but also for those who become lazy after the age of 40. Be it his active mind or physical health, he gives the true definition of being healthy. In such a situation, it often comes to people’s mind how does the PM remain healthy amidst all this business? So, his secret lies in these things which he has mentioned sometimes through tweets and sometimes in many media interviews. 

These 5 things are the secret of PM Modi’s fitness 

Start the day with Panchatattva Yoga

Modi does yoga related to the five elements of nature earth, water, fire, air, and sky. In this, PM Modi walks in the opposite direction, walks in the mud and lies on his back on a rock and thus performs this yoga derived from the five elements. It helps improve blood circulation in the body and improving muscle movements.

Yoga Nidra twice a week

When PM Modi was asked in one of his interviews how he balances lack of sleep or how he manages tight shifts, he said that his body goes into sleep in the meditation posture itself, but this sleep is so effective that the body gets recharged and his mental capacity to work increases.

Drumstick paratha in diet

The PM has told during the Fit India Movement that he includes drumstick paratha in his diet. Apart from being light, this paratha is full of many medicinal properties, which give him strength and protect him from diseases. Let us tell you that in terms of health, the drumstick is rich in antioxidants, protein and fibre which helps prevent diseases and eliminate many problems of the body. 

Vagahareli Khichdi at night 

PM Modi likes to eat the famous Gujarati Vaghareli Khichdi at night. It is made from rice, moong dal, turmeric and salt. Keeping dinner rich in protein and simple not only provides energy but also helps in balancing weight. 

Turmeric to prevent diseases 

He consumes turmeric to prevent diseases. Once he said that his mother used to ask him every day whether he took turmeric or not. That’s why he doesn’t forget to consume turmeric. Let us tell you that the curcumin component in turmeric is full of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which boost immunity and then help protect you from many diseases. So, if you want to stay fit like PM Modi, then adopt these tips in your life also.

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