Police charge teen after vehicle reported stolen outside of downtown Guelph | Globalnews.ca

Guelph police say one teen faces charges after a vehicle was robbed just outside of the downtown core.

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They said a teenage girl was driving her friend around Guelph on Wednesday when an argument ensued because he wanted to be taken to Kitchener and she didn’t want to go.

The argument escalated when he allegedly punched the girl in the side of the face with a closed fist.

Police said the driver then pulled over in a business parking lot and told the boy to get out of the car. Police said the girl was afraid she was going to get hit again as the boy got out and started to walk toward the driver’s door, so she got out and moved away from him.

Police said she didn’t require medical attention.

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They said the boy then got in the driver’s seat and drove away.

Investigators found the vehicle later in the afternoon and saw the boy sitting on the curb.

A 17-year-old has been charged with robbery and driving a vehicle with no licence.