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Physicians block Tel Aviv road, picket in 26-hour shift – Bharat Times Hindi News

Doctors, residents, trainees and students marched against the government in Tel Aviv on Saturday night Decision The 26-hour shifts of most doctors will continue.

Residents claim that if the current suggestions are implemented, only 10 per cent of doctors will see their shifts cut, as the guidelines cover hospitals only in the periphery and only in certain occupations.

Medical workers march in Tel Aviv to protest the 26-hour shift on October 9, 2021.

The 26-hour shift is harmful to doctors and patients alike, claim the protesters, who demand the implementation of the 18-hour shift system across the country.

Has over 2,000 doctors and students signed a petition And are planning to resign on Sunday if the demands are not met.

The issue of longer shift lengths for residents, interns and students has been controversial for years. A framework approved by the ministries of health, finance and economy in the past few days was rejected by representatives of medical residents. The plan includes reduction of shifts from 26 hours to 16 hours and two overlapping shifts over the course of five years. hours. The first phase of the scheme is scheduled to start on March 31, 2022 at 10 medical centers in peripheral hospitals and will be applicable to residents of all wards except surgery. After one year, the shift will be shortened to residents in intensive care units and anesthesiology. Over the course of four years, the new rules will be implemented in all hospitals in the country for residents of all regions.



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