Pay Rs 4.55 cr or face termination of contract, MC chief tells parking firms

Two days after the House refused to give relief to parking contractors, Chandigarh Municipal Commissioner Anindita Mitra directed both the parking firms to deposit Rs 4.55 crore failing which their contract would be terminated.

The notice states that M/s Paschita Entertainment Pvt Ltd will have to deposit Rs 2,88,61,617 and M/s Ram Sundar Prasad Singh Rs 1,67,29,691 within a week, failing which the contract will be cancelled/ terminated. , they will be blacklisted as per the policy of blacklisting 2009 and the security amount, i.e. Rs. 1,50,30,903 each, will be forfeited.

“Whereas, for operation and management of 32 paid parking, Zone-I Chandigarh was allotted to you and you have taken physical possession of all paid parking areas as on 01.02. As per Clause No. 4, 6 and 36 of the Terms and Conditions of the Tender Document, it is clarified that the Licensee will have to deposit one month in advance of the Annual Bid amount for all Parking lots in the same lot before 7th day . every month, in the form of Bank Draft every month in favor of the Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh,” the notice stated.

It was also specified that in case of late payment of license fee, the licensee shall be liable to pay interest at the rate of 12% p.a. from the 1st day of the month due and till the actual date of payment. Payment but not after the last working day of that month. and if the payment is not made by the last working day of the month, the Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh or his authorized officer reserves the right to cancel the license and forfeit the outstanding amount equal to the amount due along with interest and any other financial liability. Will keep it safe From the Bank Guarantee to the Licensee. ,

Clause 34 is also quoted where it states that in case of failure to perform or omission of responsibilities or breach of terms and conditions of the agreement, the Finance Department, Chandigarh Administration issued under Notification No. 1927-F&PO ‘Blacklisting 2009 Action as per the ‘Policy’. (3)-2009/1170 dated 27.02.2009 shall be taken.”

why this notice
Last Friday, the Mahasabha had rejected the relief of Rs 2 crore given to both the parking contractors. They were demanding waiver of license fee and free parking for civic body employees due to the lockdown during the second wave of COVID-19.

The committee, after deliberation, had recommended exemption in license fee due to the lockdown. COVID-19 Wave and free parking for MCC employees Rs.1,02,50,914 for Zone-I and Rs.98,64,025 for Zone-II Ram Sundar Prasad Singh (Zone-I) and M/s Paschatya Entertainment Pvt Ltd (Zone) -2) respectively.

As per the committee report, a rebate of 1.83% and 4.80% for Zone-I and Zone-II respectively (on account of free parking for MC employees) on monthly license fee was to be discussed from October 2021 onwards. Order.

However, the General House resolved that the agenda be rejected and no exemptions be granted.
MC Zone-I and Zone-II , In 89 (32+57) Paid Parking Areas have been allotted on the basis of license fee through e-tender allotment.

Both the licensees were asked to waive off the license fee and not get full possession of some sites due to lockdown during the second covid wave, to provide free parking to the municipal authorities, to close the Sukhna lake on weekends, to occupy the parking area, etc. Requests were received. Closure of smart bikes, multiplexes, cinema halls etc. in the 303 th meeting of the corporation held on 29.10.2021, which was placed before the general meeting of the corporation, which was adjourned.