Parvez Khattak meets PM Imran in parliamentary party meeting

• CCI approves conduct of 7th Census
• Defense Minister believes that KP is being neglected

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan faced an awkward situation during the parliamentary party meeting of the ruling coalition on Thursday when Defense Minister Pervez Khattak complained about the neglect of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) by the Centre.

According to sources, the Prime Minister got angry and scolded the Defense Minister for what he had done. [PM] Called it “blackmailing”.

The Prime Minister presided over the meeting held in the Parliament House. The meeting approved the controversial Supplementary Finance Bill-2022, commonly referred to as the Mini Budget.

After the meeting, the Prime Minister sat in his chamber for almost the entire day and met several MLAs from his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and other parties of the ruling coalition.

The Defense Minister, while participating in the meeting, reportedly said that he would not vote for the Prime Minister if new gas connections were not given to the people of KP.

Mr Khattak, however, told media persons after the meeting that he neither spoke harshly to the Prime Minister nor threatened him not to vote for PM Khan.

Sources said Mr Khattak was of the view that KP was being neglected in terms of provision of electricity and gas while people from other provinces were enjoying these facilities. He said that the Defense Minister told the Prime Minister that if the situation persists, the people of KP will not vote for PTI.

Mr Khattak, however, told media persons in the corridors of Parliament that he had not misbehaved with the PM and had raised the issue of gas shortage in KP and the ban on new gas connections.

“Imran Khan is my leader and prime minister and I did not tell him that I will not vote for KP people if they are not given gas connections,” he said.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Affairs Shahbaz Gill later confirmed that Mr Khattak had raised the issue of non-provision of gas for the people of KP.

Talking to reporters, he said that the Defense Minister told Energy Minister Hammad Azhar that gas supply schemes in KP were being blocked and no new gas connections were being given to the people of the province.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan told Mr Khattak that he [PM] He did not come to power to fill his pocket and did not have any factory or mill.

Sources said the Prime Minister got angry over the Defense Minister’s complaints and asked Khattak to stop “blackmailing” him. [PM], On this the Defense Minister left the meeting hall but later the Prime Minister called him back.

Shahbaz Gill said Mr Khattak went out just to have a cup of tea and later returned to the meeting.

Mr Khattak told the media that he had left the meeting hall only to smoke. “I am a smoker and I went outside the meeting hall to smoke,” he said.

After the Parliamentary Party meeting, the PM again called the Defense Minister to his chamber where he again expressed his displeasure over Mr Khattak’s “attitude” in the meeting.

Seventh Population Census

The Council of Common Interests (CCI) during its 49th meeting held under the chairmanship with Prime Minister Khan approved the conduct of the Seventh Population and Housing Census and the establishment of the Census Monitoring Committee.

The committee will be headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission while all provincial chief secretaries, the chairman of the National Database and Registration Authority, the chief commissioner of the Islamabad Capital Region and other senior officials will be its members.

It was informed in the meeting that the committee would monitor and monitor the census activities to ensure speedy, transparent and reliable census operations, said a press release issued by the PM Media Office.

The CCI was told that the houses would be enumerated before the population census.

Welcoming the Chief Ministers, the Prime Minister said that the frequency of CCI meetings can be increased as per the demands of the provinces.

Prime Minister Khan emphasized that the federal government is committed to resolving national issues in consultation with federal entities and other stakeholders.

The CCI also decided that additional water requirements for Karachi would be discussed by a committee constituted to collate the views of the provinces at the political and technical levels and to discuss water-related issues.

Published in Dawn, January 14, 2022