Panicked London Tube passengers forced to smash their way out of smoke-filled train

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panicked passengers on the london tube After this on Friday evening he was forced to get out of a car full of smoke

In video of the incident which took place at Clapham Common underground station at around 5.45pm, commuters – many of whom will be returning home from work during rush hour – are banging on windows from inside.

People can be seen climbing out of the window to safety as the panel gives way. As chaos unfolds, another group can be seen helping a man out through an adjacent window.

Passengers on the platform can be seen smashing the exterior of the carriage to help people escape, with some pushing and shoving to open the train doors.

A witness took to Twitter to express his displeasure at the route Transport for London handled the situation,

Jake Sharp shared a video of the harrowing scene, tweeting: “Stuck on train in Clapham Common and smoke filled compartment, doors won’t open”.

Also in the video footage, confused people can be heard shouting. A man is seen shouting, “What are you doing?”, although it is unclear where he was standing or who he was talking to.

In the comments of Mr Sharp’s tweet, a user described the incident as a “scary situation”, adding that TfL “need to work on their communication”.

“incredibly responsive from the members of [the] Public is getting people out of the train safely…Thanks to all who helped”, wrote another.

Transport for London confirmed that firefighters were at the scene, but said the fire had not been identified. It is now probing the cause of the smoke.

“We apologize for the distress caused at Clapham Common. London Fire Brigade have visited the station and confirmed there is no fire. We are investigating the details of the incident”, a TfL spokesperson told Independent.