Palak Tiwari admits she ‘made a mistake’ by saying Salman Khan dictates what women should wear: ‘Never want to be in that position again’

Actor 330/" class="">Palak Tiwari admitted she made a mistake when she said in an interview that Salman Khan has a rule about what women should wear on the sets of his films. Palak’s comments became controversial because they painted Salman as a bit of a regressive figure, and eventually drew a statement from the superstar himself.

In interview with Bombay Times, Palak said that she sees this as a ‘learning experience’ and that she never wants to be ‘in that position again’. She said, “I made a mistake, I’ll learn and it’s something I’ll keep in mind for the rest of my life now.” Palak appeared in a supporting role in Salman’s recent film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.

She said that Salman is ‘an extremely understanding’ individual, and he’d know that she ‘would never say anything malapropos about him, ever.’ In an earlier interview with Siddharth Kannan, Palak had said that her mother, actor Shweta Tiwari, was pleased that she was working with Salman, because of how she was dressing.

“When I was AD-ing with Salman sir on Antim, I don’t think many people know this, Salman Sir had a rule ‘Ki koi bhi ladki mere set pe, neckline should be here (for every girl on my set, the neckline should be here), all the girls should be covered, like good proper girls’,” Palak had said. The very next day, she said that her comments had been ‘misunderstood‘. Later, Palak said in an interview with Connect FM Canada that Salman isn’t ‘narrow-minded’. “He is not somebody that will ever try to curtail anybody in any sort of way. Maybe I did a poor job at expounding my thoughts, but what I meant by that was he is somebody that I really revere,” she said.

Salman stood by his belief that women should dress modestly. In an appearance on Aap Ki Adalat, he said, “There is no double standard in it. I feel that a woman’s body is a lot more precious, so as much as it is covered, I feel it’s better. It’s not a matter of girls, it’s about the boys. The way they look at girls, at your sister, wife or mother, I do not like it. So, I do not want them to go through this.”