Pakistan’s terror plot failed before January 26: IED recovered from capital was produced in Pakistan, blast was not caused by fault in circuit – India Times Hindi News

The Pakistani government is currently surrounded by all-round troubles, yet it is not deterring from spreading terror in the neighboring countries. The intelligence report of Delhi Police has once again proved this point to be true. It has been told in the report that the IED (explosive) recently recovered from Ghazipur Phool Mandi in Delhi was made in Pakistan. It was sent to India by land or sea.

According to the report – the IED contained ammonium nitrate, RDX, a nine-volt battery and small pieces of iron. Security forces detonated about 3 kg of explosives, and sent the rest to the National Bomb Data Center in Manesar, Haryana for investigation. The responsibility of bringing the explosives to India was entrusted to the drug smugglers of Afghanistan.

Photograph of security forces destroying IED explosives.

Photograph of security forces destroying IED explosives.

The plot failed due to a fault in the circuit.
This remotely controlled IED was set to explode with a timer of 1 hour 8 minutes, but it did not explode due to a circuit fault. The purpose of these conspiracies is to spread communal tension in the country. Recently, similar explosives were also recovered from Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab.

Capital on high alert ahead of Republic Day celebrations
A senior official of the security agency said- Consignments of IEDs are being continuously sent to India through drug money. Their real motive is to spread communal tension in the country. Pakistani terrorists are trying to carry out a major terrorist incident in states like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi.

The country’s security system is on high alert after explosives were found in the capital ahead of the Republic Day celebrations on January 26. The special team of Delhi Police is continuously investigating the matter.

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