Pakistan’s envoy Masood Khan, President Biden discuss ‘building a strong foundation’ to move ties forward

Islamabad’s ambassador to Washington, Ambassador Masood Khan, met US President Joe Biden on his visit to the White House, where the two discussed building “a strong foundation for advancing Pakistan-US relations”.

According to a press release issued by the Pakistan Embassy in the US, Khan went to the White House for a “meet and greet” and an official photograph with the US President – an established tradition for newly appointed envoys.

“During the ceremony, the US President and Ambassador had brief talks on building a strong foundation for advancing US-Pakistan relations,” the statement said.

The US government follows a tradition whereby, after the appointment of new ambassadors to Washington, a ceremony is held at the White House where the new envoys present their credentials to the head of state corresponding to their appointment.

Khan was sent to Washington on March 25, when the PTI government was in power, but after the former prime minister Imran Khan’s expulsion On April 11, there was speculation that the changes in Islamabad would also affect diplomatic appointments.

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Later, Ambassador Munir Akram, Pakistan’s envoy to the United Nations, explained that current ambassadors continue to represent the country in foreign capitals unless specifically asked by the new government to return home. Neither Ambassador Khan nor Ambassador Akram was asked to do so.

upon arrival in Washington earlier this weekKhan received a letter from the head of protocol at the US State Department, endorsing his appointment as Pakistan’s ‘executive ambassador’ to Washington.

Later, on 19 April, he also received a letter from the office of the US President, formally confirming his appointment.

Meanwhile, a statement issued today said that thirty-six other ambassadors were also present for the official photograph with the President, which was taken one by one. “He too could not meet the President for more than a year because of the COVID-19 restrictions,” he said.

Since President Biden’s age, 79, makes him particularly vulnerable to the virus, the White House tried to minimize the president’s contact with others. Diplomatic sources in Washington previously told dawn That Kovid-19 had also affected the credit ceremony.

Now, the White House has processed all the documents and issued the necessary letters first and then invited an ambassador for the photo session.