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Over 9 million TikTok videos were deleted in Pakistan in the last quarter, the second highest in the world

Social media application TikTok said on Thursday that Pakistan ranks second in the world for the largest volume of videos – 9,851,404 – removed for violating community guidelines in the second quarter of the current year.

In a press release, the Chinese-owned app shared the findings of its Community Guidelines enforcement report, which details the amount and nature of content and accounts removed from the platform in the second quarter of 2021.

“The report provides insight into the content that was removed in violation of strict community guidelines, strengthening the platform’s public accountability to the community, policy makers and non-governmental organizations,” the press release said.

Globally, 81,518,334 videos were removed from April to June, which included less than one percent of all uploaded content, the press release said. Of these, 93 percent were processed within 24 hours of posting and 94.1 percent before they were reported by the user.

The company said the 87.5 PC content that was removed had zero visuals.

According to the press release, 73.3 pc of content promoting harassment and bullying videos and 72.9 pc of videos focused on hateful behavior were removed before being reported – an increase of 66.2 pc and 67 pc respectively from the first quarter of this year. happened.

“The improvement stems from a pioneering combination of technology and content moderation by a dedicated investigative team that is used to identify videos that violate policies. To better enforce these policies, moderators are encouraged to re-appropriate, abuse, and also receives regular training to identify bullying material,” the statement said.

The video-sharing platform, which has been the victim of several sanctions in Pakistan, is currently blocked by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA).

first time app was banned Was in Pakistan in October 2020. According to the telecom regulator, the decision was taken on complaints regarding obscene and immoral content.

it was picked up 10 days later When the company assured the telecom regulator that it would block “obscenity” accounts.

In March this year, the Peshawar High Court also imposed Ban on video-sharing apps that was later picked up in April.

In June, the Sindh High Court followed suit and ordered the PTA Suspended Access to TikTok in the country for “spreading immorality and obscenity”. the court picked up Suspension after three days of issuance of order

In July, the PTA did blocked Access to TikTok for failure to remove “inappropriate content”.

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