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To me, “I wonder what happened to me?” More generally represents cultural innovation. For one, Fusion happened far beyond the stage. The contrast between the boom of Europe and the richness of modern American pop has historically been, historically, described by PJ O’Rourke as “Europe’s”.sad lack of black people(He was referring to Poland, but the point, though exaggerated, goes far beyond that.)

The story of Black and White Americans is often centered on abuse, dismissal, and conflict, as it should be. Beyond that, though, cultural mingling has always been above and below the radar. This mix has increased in tempo over the past several decades.

This is particularly striking in the language: American English among young people tends to be more influential than Black English for decades. my girls enjoy youtuber Known as SSSniperWolf, purportedly, a young woman of Turkish and Greek descent who appears casually with black English words and idioms. For example, I rarely heard the eccentrically scatological “dookie” by someone who wasn’t black. But she’s not pulling off any sort of quotidian minstrelty; This smooth flow of Black English expressions is now regular among many Americans their age and older. A sly teen saw my car not too long ago (I’m fine!), and despite being of South Asian descent, his speech was perfect Black English—and again, that’s to be expected now. His cousins ​​and friends who came to the scene all spoke the same way.

The fusion we have come to recognize is also in body language. The appropriately rejected neck swivel traditionally associated with black women is now a gesture that can be seen using young women of all races. More than two decades ago, Stanley Crouch told the salon: “Karl Jung said that white Americans walk like Negroes, talk like Negroes and laugh like Negroes,” adding that Jung “being from Switzerland, where they make up real white people”. will be in position!

Of course, cultural appropriation can go overboard.. Today we are justifiably wary of those who imitate power, sometimes profiting from the cultural products of the underprivileged. Some people see this primarily in that dialect mix and take exception to the one I mention. However, appropriation leads to hybridity, especially as time passes, what the most steadfast clinical of the mind may only see as a symptom of injustice. People who share a location will imitate each other – even if they are not always together.

And in any case, another side to the inclusion of Blackness in American popular theory is the growing weakening of whiteness as a cultural default. One needs to watch about 15 minutes of 1950s television to see how far America has come. “I Wonder What Became of Me” is a beautiful example of how we’ve gotten to where we are: It can be a wonder exactly how beauty can emerge, and despite racial distrust and disparity.



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