opinion | Biden Renews Obama’s Attack on Campus Due Process

Judge Jose Cabrenas of the second US Circuit Court of Appeals is sacked 1654718073?mod=article_inline" target="_blank" class="icon none" rel="noopener">sharp criticism How colleges and universities adjudicated sex-abuse allegations during the Obama administration. Thanks to “regulatory directives” imposed by the Department of Education in 2011, Judge Cabrans wrote in a consensus opinion earlier this month, the campus procedures were devoid of basic due process protections that he “compared unfavorably to the infamous English Star Chamber”. “

The Biden administration is bringing back these sham hearings. On Thursday, the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights proposed new rules governing how colleges and universities that receive federal funding — which is nearly all of them — must respond to allegations of sexual misconduct under Title IX, which Prohibits sexual discrimination. The new rules would eliminate or undermine basic procedural protections for students accused of sexual misconduct.