Ontario police warn the public of online sextortion scams spreading across the province. Globalnews.ca

Toronto — The Ontario Provincial Police Warning the public of sextortion scams circulating online in the Eastern Region and throughout the province.

op Recent reports have shown scammers contact victims through social media or dating sites, threatening to share their intimate photos to family, friends and others unless the person pays them.

They say scammers will often request money transfers, cryptocurrencies or sending funds via gift cards.

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Police say there are a number of ways people can protect themselves, including being aware of people who try to contact them online and never sending money to unknown people.

They also advise anyone not to send “compromised” photos, cover computer cameras when they’re not in use, and store sensitive images or information online or on cellphones.

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Data from the Anti-Fraud Center of Canada shows that extortion fraud caused more than $16.4 million in losses and $17 million in losses in 2021.

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