Old animated video of farmers chasing Modi after PM’s security lapse in Punjab goes viral – India Times Hindi News

Following a security lapse during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Punjab on January 5, a clip of an old animated video of farmers chasing the prime minister has gone viral. Animated music video is for a punjabi song Fer Dekhange Video sharing platform on YouTube.

The title of this video is ‘Fer Dekhoge: Kisan Mazdoor Ekta Zindabad || punjabi gta video 2021 || Birring Productions’ has been posted by a user named ‘BP Shorts’. The credit of this song has been given to the singer by the name of Simmu Dhillon. Fer dekhange Translated simply as ‘we will see then’. The music video posted on January 29, 2021 talks about alleged attempts to “grab farmers’ land” through agricultural laws. It tells Modi not to live with laws.

Prime Minister Modi’s convoy was stuck on a flyover on the Moga-Firozpur highway for 15 to 20 minutes, protesting against which farmers blocked the road, forcing the PM to turn without attending a scheduled rally. The Center vs State fight has now reached the Supreme Court and the BJP has blamed the Congress-led government in Punjab for the security breach.

In the music video going viral, PM Modi’s convoy has been stopped by a tractor-riding mob. People in the crowd can be seen holding bats and sticks. The graphics are similar to a popular video game, and it’s all animation.

Animated Modi comes out of a car to face the crowd, but as some in the crowd accuse him, his security personnel leave him and run away. Soon, PM Modi also tries to escape but is blocked by a tractor.

An animated version of the PM is shown lying on a crowded ground before the end of the video.

With this video coming out online, the ongoing controversy over the incident of lapse in PM’s security has taken a new turn. According to sources, the violation has already become a political tussle in poll-bound Punjab, as the Center is taking action against state police officials for their alleged failure to secure a safe passage for the PM’s convoy.

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