Officials request missing woman’s dental records after body found in Robson County ::

– A body was found Monday in the woods along Highway 710 in Robson County, as crews investigated after the belongings of a missing woman were found in that area.

Jessica Lawrence, 42, a mother of three who works at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in Fayetteville, has been missing for weeks. She was last seen at her home in St Paul’s on 26 September, when a probation officer stopped by to see her boyfriend.

Following the discovery of the body, Sheriff Bernice Wilkins contacted Lawrence’s parents to request her dental records to help determine whether the body was hers.

Officers found the body off Tom M Road between Rowland and Pembroke. The condition of the dead body is so bad that it is difficult to identify them. Officials said neither the race or gender of the body has been confirmed.

Suspecting foul play in her disappearance, her boyfriend Michael Breboy, a known sex offender, was arrested on October 14 during a traffic stop while driving his vehicle in Red Springs. Officials said on Monday that he was an interested person in the matter.

Since the initial report of Lawrence’s disappearance, investigators have executed multiple search warrants and used air support and ground personnel to search areas of concern. Investigators have also conducted interviews throughout the county and neighboring counties.

Body found in Robson County

“We have reason to believe that foul play is involved. Obviously we cannot discuss the details of the investigation at this point, but many leads have been established and evidence has been obtained,” Wilkins said. “We are seeking the public’s assistance in relation to any individual , who had seen Braboy in the vehicle described. Or maybe saw him with Lawrence around September 26th.”