November 23 update: Anupama slams ‘shameless’ Kavya for betraying Shah family – Bharat Times Hindi News

The November 23 episode of Anupama begins with lead actress Anupama accusing Kavya of betraying the Shah family. Then, Bapuji and Kinjal try to pacify Anupama. While Leela wonders how Kavya has used her and her family.

Anupama calls Kavya shameless and also calls her a thief for stealing first her husband and then her family. Anupama remembers when Vanraj introduced her to Kavya.

Kinjal, Samar and Pakhi refuse to stay with Kavya as they are all against the happenings in the house. Kavya tells everyone that she is not interested in staying with the Shah family members and will not ask anyone to come back.

Anupama then asks Vanraj for permission to take everyone with him. Anupama feels that once all the members of the house come out, it will be easy for Kavya to implement her plan.

Vanraj overhears things and apologizes to his family and says that he will fix everything soon. As Samar and Pakhi get emotional, Anupama tries to convince all the family members to stay back in the house as Vanraj needs them right now and Kavya will do anything to satisfy his ego.

Here, as everyone decides to stay back and Vanraj goes inside the house, Kavya hugs him and apologizes to Vanraj giving an explanation. Vanraj thinks that Kavya has crossed all limits this time, and now he will do what the old Vanraj used to do.

Finally, after Anu leaves with Anu, Bapuji stops her and advises Anuj to open up and let her enter his heart. Bapuji further praises Anuj and tells Anupama that God has planned something special, Vanraj does not deserve him and he deserves more happiness.

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