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Two former White House aides are expected to testify in the House January 6 The committee’s prime-time hearing on Thursday as the panel investigates Donald Trump According to a person familiar with the plans, his supporters had broken into the Capitol.

Matthew Pottinger, former deputy national security adviser, and Sarah Matthews, a former press aide, are expected to testify, according to the person who was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and asked anonymity. was requested. Both Pottinger and Matthews resigned shortly after the January 6, 2021 attack, which obstructed Congress’s certification of President Joe Biden’s victory.

CNN And this new York Times Citing multiple sources also confirmed the presence of Pottinger and Matthews.

Two witnesses will add to the committee’s statement in the eighth and possibly final hearing this summer. The prime-time hearing will detail what Trump did — or didn’t — during several hours of the day when his supporters beat police officers and broke into the Capitol.

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At the last hearing, there was widespread chaos in the White House and aides and outsiders were begging the president to ask the rioters to leave. But he waited more than three hours to do so, and there are still many unanswered questions about what exactly he was doing and saying when the violence broke out.

A spokesman for the committee declined to comment. CNN was the first to report the identities of Thursday’s witnesses.

Lawmakers on the nine-member panel have said the hearing will present the most compelling evidence of Trump’s “neglect of duty” that day, with witnesses detailing his failure to stop the angry crowd.

“We’ve filled in the blanks,” Rep. Adam Kizinger, a member of the House committee investigating the riots who helped lead Sunday’s session, said on Sunday. “It’s going to open people’s eyes in a big way.”

“The president didn’t do much, but happily watched television during this time frame,” he said.

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During its year-long investigation, the panel has uncovered many details about what the former president was doing as the mob of rioters breached the Capitol complex. Testimony and documents revealed that those closest to Trump, including his aides in Congress, Fox News anchors and even his own children, tried to persuade him to clear the crowd or rioters. gave a statement to go home.

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At one point, according to testimony, Ivanka Trump went to her father to personally plead with him when those around her failed to receive it. All those attempts were unsuccessful.

Thursday’s hearing will be the first in the prime-time slot since the start of June 9, which was watched by an estimated 20 million people.

The hearing came about a week after committee members received a closed briefing from the Sentinel for the Department of Homeland Security, when it was revealed that The Secret Service Deleted the Text Messages Sent and received around 6th Jan. Shortly thereafter, the committee summoned the agency, seeking all relevant electronic communications from agents at the time of the attack. The deadline for the Secret Service to respond is Tuesday.

Committee member Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., told the Associated Press on Monday that the Secret Service informed her that it would turn over the record within the requirements of the subpoena.

Click to play video: Jan.  6 Hearings: Former far-right sworn spokesman, ex-Trump supporter testify

January 6 hearing: Former far-right sworn spokesman, ex-Trump supporter testify

January 6 hearing: Former far-right sworn spokesman, ex-Trump supporter testify

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