New school health clinics in Delhi to act as temporary vaccination centers

Delhi Education Department has ordered that temporary vaccination centers be set up in 20 educational institutions school health clinics are being operated.

The school health clinics are part of a new project by the Delhi government on the lines of its flagship mohalla clinics, but are exclusively for students of that particular school and will remain operational during school hours. Like the new Mohalla Clinics launched by the government, these too will operate from portable cabins installed in the school premises.

Of the 20 schools identified for the pilot project, clinics started functioning in 12 from January 10 and the rest from January 17. While these were supposed to start with the screening of older children, they are now going to be engaged as vaccination centres. For people aged 15 to 18.

The education department is currently working on a “mission mode” to vaccinate all eligible students in the schools run by it. Small camps are already being organized in the campuses of schools across Delhi.