Nepal PM’s ‘War Day’ snub to SC as 2 pro-monarchy groups unite

Trouble seems to be on the horizon again in Nepal’s political scene. In a snub to the judiciary, Maoist chief and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has announced Tuesday as ‘People’s War Day’ to commemorate the day armed insurgency broke out against the monarchy 28 years ago.

Tuesday is also scheduled to witness a “massive rally” in Kathmandu by one of the two pro-monarchy, Hindu nationalist groups who have united to work on a common agenda, including holding Prachanda’s government to account for “corruption”.

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Meanwhile, the PM, who’s the chairman of the CPN-MC, has warned main ally Nepali Congress that it was time to review their 13-month-long collaboration, saying it had not been quite rewarding for his party.

Although Prachanda did not specify a deadline, senior leaders of his party have been pressing him to explore a deal with the main Opposition party, the CPN (UML), after cross-voting allegations against Nepali Congress.

Last year, the Supreme Court quashed the government’s decision to observe a holiday on ‘People’s War Day’, saying some tasks of the peace process were yet to be completed.

Festive offer

Although he did not mention the word ‘holiday’, PM Prachanda, speaking at a party event, said the day will be observed “no matter what the Supreme Court may have said”.

Meanwhile, Durga Prasai, who heads a movement to restore monarchy, and is scheduled to hold a “massive rally” in Kathmandu, has joined hands with Rajendra Lingden’s Rastriya Prajatantra Party. “We are are keen to work with any force that stands for a Hindu Kingdom (of Nepal),” Lingden told The Indian Express.