NBA Draft 2022: Orlando Magic Pick Paolo Banchero No. 1 Overall – LIVE!

Houston Rockets pick Jabari Smith Jr. at No. 3

3. Jabari Smith Jr., Power Forward, Auburn

A versatile force who, at 6-foot-10, could probably even play center in a pinch. Smith is a safer option than Holmgren, that’s for sure, and is probably the safest pick in the top 5. He’s a two-way player, a rare player with a killer jump shot who’s ready to play a firm defense on the other side of the court, possibly the safest pick in the top five.

The Houston Rockets are ahead and it’s a no brainer if there ever was one. If he had a choice, he could go to number one with Jabari Smith Jr.

Oklahoma City Thunder No. 2. On Select Chet Holmgren

The Thunder goes with Holmgren, the most talented player in the draft—the kind he coined the term “unicorn” to describe the prospect—so why wasn’t he consensus number one? Well, there’s a reason you don’t see many unicorns in the wild. If Razor-Thin Holmgren Doesn’t Work On Building Muscle, He Won’t Live Long nba To play outside for his excellent 3D-and-D skills. Maybe, but that 7’6 feather sure looks appealing, I can’t blame OKC for the selection.

Chet Holmgren’s roof: With his ability on both ends of the floor, Chet Holmgren is arguably the most prized talent in this year’s draft. In fact, compared to some of the NBA’s best biggies — Joel Embiid, Anthony Davis, Carl Anthony Towns, and Jaren Jackson Jr. — Holmgren’s new stats show that he is already well ahead of his peers on the road to being the best of the game. could.

Chet Holmgren
Chet Holmgren’s career so far

The Oklahoma City Thunder is now on the clock for the second pick. Looks like the question is Jabari Smith Jr. vs. Chet Holmgren.

“I can’t believe this happened,” Banchero says. Neither can most of us, draft so many ruined fakes.

Oh look, a coach has a cameo. He can’t stay away from the limelight, can he?

Orlando Magic Select No. 1 Paolo Banchero

During Coach’s final year, your stock is going to go up on Draft Day when you help the Blue Devils get to the Final Four. At six-foot-ten, Banchero can double as a center and he scores like a wing player: averaging 17.1 points per game in his one-off seasons at Duke. You may have to work on your three-point shot.

Do the top three equal top talent? Getting a top-three pick doesn’t guarantee you a star — and the past few years have caused more than a few stir. But there are also a lot of All-Star nominations and nba Titles among the top people in the draft over the past 20 years. Interestingly, the statistics below show that the No. 3 pick often has more success than the No. 2 pick, at least in these limited categories.

top three talents
top three talents

And Voz says the Orlando Duke is going for power forward Paolo Banchero. It will certainly be a curveball given this morning’s consensus.

The Orlando Magic is on the clock. The team has five minutes but it looks like they should have already made their decision but I think they need extra play.

nba draft begins

Oh wow, we’ve just started. Adam Silver isn’t just lollygagging like Roger Goodell. He talks about Title IX and the WNBA, as he should.

Email from Michael C:

I am an Australian currently on vacation in the USA and my son works on the Pacers medical support team. He has patiently tried to explain to me how the drafting system works. It hurts my head trying to follow this, but I’ll enjoy seeing how things pan out over the next few hours!

Here’s the short answer: assuming a team has their first round draft pick (i.e. they haven’t traded it for another team), their position in the draft is determined by a combination of their records from the previous year. and a lottery system that connects a little randomness in the equation That (theoretically) prevents tanking outright like we see in the NFL.

I feel like I understand it less after reading my own explanation. The key point is that the worse a team’s position, the more likely they are to be premier youth basketball players (mostly out of college, but not always as we’ll see).

Email from Pedro Maya:

Hi and thanks for showing this pre-lakers meltdown formality live 😉

One player that is really tempting to watch is Scottie Pippen Jr. Amazing in crime, hard work from 3 years of college, fairly stable background and motivation, yet some lists keep him out of the draft entirely.

how strange.

Keep up with the good work,

I didn’t stumble upon Pippen Jr.’s name in any of the fake drafts I followed. If he goes, he will reach the second round and that cannot be guaranteed either. Apparently Vanderbilt Products 6-foot-1 . but too small, I am sure his college track record and famous name would mean that someone give him a shot, he might have to go through the G League.

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a problem between the Kings and potential No. 4 pick, Purdue shooting guard Jaden Ivey. This is a familiar area because kings have little problem choosing their high draft, as evidenced by this photographic evidence:

In the interest of fairness, others have also, objectively, pointed out that this is partly poor drafting and partly poor development on the part of the Kings.

my favorite thing about nba Draft Day is looking at which players dress conservatively and which players take a fashion cue from Batman villains. I like the second type.


The Orlando Magic have the top overall pick and while they are more conservative in most other locations, why shouldn’t the Magic take the big gamble of seeing where Chet Holmgren can lead the team?

They almost certainly won’t, It definitely looks like Smith Jr. is the guy for them, Oh well, here’s my list of who should be in the top 5, based solely on how much I like them. Teams hired to make decisions, all of whom know more than me, may think differently.

1. Chet Holmgren, C, Gonzaga

2. Jabari Smith Jr., PF, Auburn

3. Paolo Banchero, PF, Duke

4. Jaden Ivey, SG, Purdue

5. Shadon Sharp, SG, Kentucky

Do you have ideas? Once again, feel free to email them (to [email protected]) or tweet them (to @hunterfelt) our way.

listen, maybe he won’t thrive in that nbaBut Chet Holmgren is definitely the funniest player available in the lottery.

So, the 2022 draft is taking place at Barclays, the home of the Brooklyn Nets. I wonder if there’s any news coming out of the nets camp in the recent past?

Sources: Kevin Durant is monitoring the situation at the Brooklyn Nets and is considering his future options.

This now opens the way for Kyrie Irving to proceed to find a new home through opt-in and trading.

— Shams Charaniya (@Shams Charaniya) 23 June 2022

Oh. It may be one thing: There are conflicting reports, but it’s not impossible that the Brooklyn Nets could be different. It’s almost as if Kyrie Irving isn’t the kind of player you want to entrust the future of your franchise to.

Well, if Irving leaves, it certainly sounds like a vocal section of Lakers fans would be interested. For those of us who enjoyed the Dwight Howard-Steve Nash experiment, there’s a certain car accident appeal to sending them to an L.A. team desperate for a quick fix.

Our own Daniel Levitt created some infographics for today’s draft, so in theory, I’ll be posting them throughout the day’s events. If I know how to do it correctly.

A Giants Game: The role of the NBA’s big guy has waned and flowed over the decades, perhaps not recently. But with the likes of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Joel Embiid showing that the big man can defend the rim, while also emphasizing the offense, the big man is far from dead. Jabari Smith, Chet Holmgren and Paolo Banchero are set to be the top three picks in this year’s draft, just the fifth time the top three picks are 6ft 10in and over – 2007, 2001, 1992, 1988 other year.
a giants game The role of the NBA’s big man has waned and flowed over the decades, perhaps not more recently. But with the likes of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Joel Embiid showing that the big man can defend the rim, while also emphasizing the offense, the big man is far from dead. Jabari Smith, Chet Holmgren and Paolo Banchero are set to be the top three picks in this year’s draft, just the fifth time the top three picks are 6ft 10in and over – 2007, 2001, 1992, 1988 other year.

While we’ll only cover the first round of the NBA Draft here, it’s worth noting that the total event will only last 58 picks instead of the usual 60. Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat Both lost the second round draft selections. For violating the league’s skewed and sometimes downright absurd tampering rules last season.


Every year, I forget how quickly the NBA Draft comes after the NBA Finals. If those games had lasted until 7, it would have been played on a Sunday. as Drummond Green will eagerly remind you, it didn’t happen as the Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics in six games. Now, after giving us just a brief pause to catch our breath, the future the NBA finds itself facing as teams select the young players they hope will ultimately help them reach future finals.

The Orlando Magic have the top overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, while the Oklahoma City Thunder have the second highest pick of their three. Experts have suggested that it’s not impossible that we see a lot of NBA teams trading in the next few hours. However, it seems doubtful that there will be as much movement as we have seen. During NFL Draft Day: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver & Co. won’t be coming to us live from Las Vegas, so their draft might not be as frenetic as football.

The conflict in this year’s draft appears to be NBA readiness versus potential upside. The most talented player may be Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren but there are concerns that the rail-thin center doesn’t have the right body type to survive at the NBA level. Still, expect him to move into the top 3 with Duke’s Paolo Banchero and Auburn’s Jabari Smith Jr., both of which seem safe bets. Jaden Ivey looks like the obvious No. 4 pick, but it happens to be owned by the Sacramento Kings and, well, which may eventually become an issue, After that, it’s a little free-for-all, but that’s always the fun of these annual events.

We’ll be covering the next few hours of the NBA draft chaos here in the Guardian. If you’d like to join in, feel free to email us your thoughts [email protected] or tweet them @hunterfelt And we’ll be using them throughout the liveblog. The 2022 NBA Draft is set to begin at 8:00 p.m. EST at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, but we’ll be back well before that to catch you up on all league events.

Hunter will be here soon. In the meantime, here’s a brief rundown of tonight’s proceedings.

place: Barclays Center, Brooklyn.

start time: The draft is scheduled to begin at 8pm ET/1am UK/10am AEST.

Television: In the US, the first round will air on ABC and ESPN. The second round will be shown only on ESPN. In Canada, it will be shown on SportsNet and TSN; on Sky Sports in the UK; and Kayo Sports in Australia.

First round sequence:

1) Orlando

2) Oklahoma City

3) Houston

4) Sacramento

5) Detroit

6) Indiana

7) Portland

8) New Orleans (from the Los Angeles Lakers)

9) St. Anthony

10) Washington

11) New York

12) Oklahoma City (from the Los Angeles Clippers)

13) Charlotte

14) Cleveland

15) Charlotte (from New Orleans)

16) Atlanta

17) Houston (from Brooklyn)

18) Chicago

19) Minnesota

20) San Antonio (from Toronto)

21) Denver

22) Memphis (from Utah)

23) Philadelphia

24) Milwaukee

25) San Antonio (from Boston)

26) Dallas

27) Miami

28) Golden State

29) Memphis

30) Denver (Oklahoma City via Phoenix)