NASCAR Reveals Why Denny Hamlin’s Pocono-Winning Car Was Disqualified

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Joe Gibbs Racing will not file an appeal with NASCAR over its decision Disqualify Denny Hamlin and Kyle Bush From Sunday’s race in Pocono.

The pair finished the event in first and second place, but were stripped of their positions after a Toyota Camry was found to be in violation of NASCAR rules during a post-race inspection.

NASCAR Senior VP of Competition Scott Miller has now revealed that additional strips of material were found under the vehicles’ decorative vinyl sponsor wraps that made them outside of acceptable specifications.

“It was on the lower fascia and it was the extra layers of vinyl that really distracted the part from the accepted CAD files,” Miller told SiriusXM NASCAR radio on Monday.

Hamlin was disqualified because a strip of tape was placed in the lower corner of the front fascia next to the wheels under the sponsor wrap of his car.
(Rich Gressel/Icon SportsWire via Getty Images)

“It’s standard procedure to peel the parts of the car that we think are important for post-race inspection. Before that we had no clue that anything was in there and were very surprised by what we found.”

Denny Hamlin was the first NASCAR Cup Series winner since 1960 to be disqualified

Photos were not released, but Joe Gibbs Racing Director of Racing Wally Brown further explained the situation in a statement posted by the team.

Kyle Busch's Toyota Camry is physically identical to the Hamlin.

Kyle Busch’s Toyota Camry is physically identical to the Hamlin.
(Rich Gressel/Icon SportsWire via Getty Images)

“Our review of the post-race violations on cars 11 and 18 in Pocono revealed that a piece of clear tape was located on each of the lower corners of the left-front and right-front front fascia. On both of those cars The wheels open,” said Brown.

Hamlin and Bush finished the Pocono Cup Series race in first and second place before being disqualified.

Hamlin and Bush finished the Pocono Cup Series race in first and second place before being disqualified.
(Rich Gressel/Icon SportsWire via Getty Images)

“The pieces added were 2 inches wide and 5.5 inches long with a thickness of 0.012 inches and were installed under the wrap. This change in our manufacturing process was not done properly within our organization and we believe it was NASCAR It’s against the U.S.’s rules. We apologize to everyone for this mistake, and we’ve changed our procedures to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

The strips were about the size of a smartphone in surface area and half the thickness of a typical driver’s license.

TY Gibbs had to borrow clothes for the Pocono Cup Series race

Toyota and its TRD Racing arm said they were disappointed but “appreciate NASCAR’s hyper-vigilance when it comes to enforcing the rules on this new race car.

Neither NASCAR nor Joe Gibbs Racing The possible impact of this amendment on vehicular speed has been explained in detail.

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According to Fox Sports reporter, Bob Pokras, further evaluations will be completed at NASCAR’s R&D facility in North Carolina.

The other two cars were driven by Martin Truex Jr. and Christopher Bell which were not required to be inspected under the rules of Gibbs Racing’s series.