NASA launches new site beta; NASA+ streaming service coming soon

NASA on Friday launched the beta version of its flagship and other websites. The space agency will also be updating its official mobile app and a new NASA+ streaming service.

The new experience across the websites and the mobile app will serve as a platform for information about the space agency’s missions, research, climate data, and more. NASA says the updated websites will feature a topic-driven experience with a common search engine. While the beta site is available to the public, it is still a work in progress and the space agency will continue to improve it over time.

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NASA+ streaming service

The space agency also said that it will launch NASA+, its new ad-free, no-cost, family-friendly streaming service later this year. The space agency has won Emmy awards for its interactive live coverage and views in the past and this will be available through the new streaming service, along with a few new series yet to be announced.

NASA+ should be available on most major platforms when it launches and will be accessible through the NASA app, iOS and Android mobile devices, streaming services like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and more.