Mumbai dreams: 3 kids run away from home to become singers, meet in Pathankot, meet family

The Government Railway Police (GRP) on Tuesday spotted three children without tickets at the Pathankot railway station and found that they were traveling to Mumbai and boarded the wrong train.

Two of the children were nine years old while the third one was 16 years old. The children were reunited with their family members.

“They were impressed by a singing competition on television. They caught a train thinking it would take them to Mumbai, but the train journey ended at Pathankot railway station,” said Ranbir, deputy superintendent of police (DSP) of Pathankot sub division.

“The panic-stricken trio was found crying and moving in and around the trains. All three were consoled and given food when they were hungry. They are from three different families. The teenager had made a plan to go to Mumbai. They panicked after reaching Pathankot railway station. The teenager asked a passenger for his phone and
Informed his maternal uncle that he was going to Mumbai. The uncle again called on that number and told the passenger that they were missing and asked him to inform the local police. Then we detained the children and asked the parents to come to Pathankot. DSP said.