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Mumbai: Colleges reopen, Railways to allow teenagers below 18 years of age to travel by local train

With schools reopening earlier this month and colleges opening next week, the Mumbai Railways has decided to allow teenagers below the age of 18 to travel by local trains despite not being vaccinated.

The move comes days after the state government issued an order expanding the definition of fully vaccinated persons to include persons below the age of 18 years and who have medical conditions that prevent them from taking stop. COVID-19 Comments.

The order, issued on October 8 by Chief Secretary Sitaram Kunte, said that “the definition of a fully vaccinated person shall be that any person is in a medical condition which does not permit him to receive the vaccine, and has that The extent to which there is a certificate. Accredited medical practitioner. Also if a person is below 18 years of age. (In future, when the vaccine will become available for this age group, it will be up to the first 60 days of such availability will continue.”

Railway officials said that people below the age of 18 years will be eligible for Monthly Season Ticket (MST). An official said those who are unable to take the vaccines due to their medical condition can buy monthly passes by showing a medical certificate.

Ever since the schools have reopened, there are demands to allow students to travel in local trains. On August 8, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had announced the reopening of train services from August 15 for those who have been fully vaccinated and 14 days after receiving the second dose of an anti-Covid vaccine. After is completed. Teenagers below the age of 18 were not eligible, which made attending school a problem for many of them.

With the colleges reopening next week, the government has decided to extend the eligibility to include adolescents as well.


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