Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed ​​Rail: NHSRCL builds first ‘heaviest’ full span box girder weighing 970 MT


The National High Speed ​​Rail Corporation (NHSRCL) on Thursday constructed the first full span pre-stressed concrete (PSC) box girder of 40 meters span, weighing about 970 metric tonnes, at a casting yard in Navsari district. Viaduct for Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed ​​Rail Corridor. A release from NHSRCL said that the girder was also the heaviest in the construction industry in India.

The girder consists of 390 cubic meters of concrete and 42 metric tonnes of steel and was cast in a single piece without any construction joints on November 1 and was built in the presence of top project officials from India and Japan on Thursday, the release said. had gone. ,

“To expedite the construction of viaduct for Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed ​​Rail Corridor, NHSRCL is adopting full-span launching method… The precast girder was lifted from the stacking yard by a straddle carrier and moved to a predetermined location from where it was lifted by bridge gantry for construction. This is a technical process that requires a high degree of accuracy and expertise. The 40 m full span girder was then placed on chainage 238 of the MAHSR corridor between Piers P11 and P12 The height of the piers is 13.4 meters from the ground level,” it said.