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It’s officially Ms. Marvel’s last day. The Marvel Cinematic Universe series is exclusive to those who grew up with Pakistani and Indian origins, regardless of the country they live in. From elements of the traditional desi gharana to songs that were on our playlists at some point, MCU made it a hit with Parks when it came to representation. One such endearing element of the series is undeniably the role of Yusuf Khan played by Indian actor Mohan Kapoor.

Playing the role of a loving father, Kapoor not only manages to retain the essence of a typical desi father, but also adds a layer of MCU to his character with ‘Papa Hulk’. Now with the series ending, we caught up with Kapoor to hurry up and chat about all things MCU.

The actor, in his usually jovial spirit, enthusiastically revealed that he has received widely positive responses from fans for his portrayal of Yusuf. “Just seeing such sweet things like people saying you are the best dad in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You are the best dad ever on-screen for my Green Hulk scene that everyone is loving. This is just amazing stuff, man,” shared Kapoor.

Ms. Marvel is not Kapoor’s first time with the MCU. For Unverse, the actor has dubbed for Captain America: The First Avengers, Thor: Ragnarok, Red Skull for the Hindi-dubbed version of Avengers, before lending his voice for Doctor Strange for the Hindi versions of Doctor Strange. Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Looking back on his journey through the MCU, Kapoor said that it feels nothing but the surreal.

“People ask ‘Did you ever dream it would never happen.’ First I don’t have the courage to dream some dreams and secondly the world I live in is a dream. It’s not a dream. But it’s a dream for me. So I’ll wake up with this dream sequence, but I’m hopeful That never (wake up from this dream),” shared Kapoor.

Ms. Marvel was primarily shot during the COVID-19 pandemic. The actor revealed that Marvel Studios attached utmost importance to keeping everyone safe and thus, most of the time the actors spent time in the bio bubble. While this ensured safety, it did not give the artists time to bond with each other. The less time he got in bondage, the less time he was on the sets.

He was asked about his on-screen daughter Kamala aka Iman Vilani and the actor praised her. “What you see is the same in real life. She’s Kamala Khan because she’s a Marvel addict, so she’s just adapted for the role. To me, I think she is such a lovely looking child that I feel fatherly feelings towards her,” he said. He said, “If Iman was my daughter, we would be like that too.”

While Kapoor is an important part of the first part of the series, her character goes behind the scenes when Kamala and her mother Muniba (Zenobia Shroff) move to Karachi and the series takes a turn. Although the maternal side in Kamala’s family has been making headlines, Kapoor confessed that she wished she was a part of the Karachi event.

“I missed being a part of the Karachi schedule because it is such an important phase in the story of Miss Marvel. It is him telling about his family to Ayesha, Sana and about him about his past. So it’s all going to flourish from here. And also, you know, the bad guys are just like that behind them. I really missed being there,” he said.

With Miss Marvel Episode 5, the gruesome split became an important part of the MCU. Speaking about the writing and depiction of the scene, Kapoor said, “I don’t know how many people in the world know about (Partition). You know, that was our massacre, if you can call it that. That was our country, a country that was divided in two and people were leaving their years of land due to some political reasons and things like that. The scenes are shot so beautifully and it really shakes. Very good! And I think the world should know about this big event.

Although the series is coming to an end, the Kapoor family has confirmed that the Khan family will return for Brie Larson-led The Marvels. In the film, Kamala Khan will play the role of South Korean actor Park Seo-joon in the MCU along with the big picture of the MCU. Although Kapoor did not elaborate on the film, he did reveal that his part of the filming has been done.

While we waited for her to happen, we asked Kapoor if a second season of Miss Marvel is also in talks. The actor said that he is yet to be informed about Miss Marvel Season 2. “I was telling the director after the red carpet that I hope we get a second season now. He said, ‘Think big, my friend. Why only the second season? Think of the movie Miss Marvel.’ I said ‘ho jaye to accha hai (I hope it works),'” Kapoor said.

Here’s hoping Ms. Marvel returns for another season. Ms. Marvel is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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