MrBeast gifts a house to a boy on Halloween, fans say ‘better than trick or treating’

In a heartwarming twist this6/" class=""> Halloween, YouTube sensation MrBeast, instead of partaking in the traditional trick-or-treating festivities, decided to make a family’s dream come true by gifting a little boy the key to a brand-new house.

Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast, has gained a massive following for his creative and often over-the-top acts of kindness. The lucky family found themselves at the centre of a life-changing moment thanks to MrBeast’s extraordinary generosity.

Watch video below;

He had posted on X, formerly Twitter, “I bought a house on Halloween and gave it to a random trick or treater!” The video goes on to showcase many more surprises and gifts scattered throughout the house and the reaction of the little boy.

X users replied to the video with, “Like if there should be more people like Mr. Beast!,” another user tweeted, “You’re living the dream, and are one of my idols. Giving back is a top tier priority for me as well,” and a third user replied saying, “I hope this act of kindness inspires others to do the same. The world needs more people like MrBeast”.