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Monsoon returned, 97 percent rain in Gujarat

The southwest monsoon withdrew from Gujarat on Tuesday, with the state receiving an average rainfall of 96.65 per cent this season. Delayed by more than 10 days from the normal return from 15 September, the Southwest Monsoon which started withdrawing from the state on 6 October, returned completely on 12 October.

However, officials of the India Meteorological Department dismissed such delays as a rare occurrence and said it was reported earlier as well.
“Though the return has been delayed this time, it has happened earlier as well. Withdrawal is considered due to lack of moisture and lack of rainfall.

Normally it starts on 15th September and gets completed within two weeks – 30th September. But this year it started from Bhuj on October 6 and completely retreated on Tuesday,” said Manorama Mohanty, regional director, IMD Ahmedabad.
There is no chance of rain this week as there is no system in the region, he said.

In this monsoon season, the state had recorded an average total rainfall of 811 mm (96.65 per cent). However, as compared to the last three years, it is the lowest recorded during this time of the year.




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