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Mohit Kamboj to file Rs 100 crore defamation case against Nawab Malik

saying that he was no longer active BJP Member Mohit Kamboj on Saturday said he will file a Rs 100 crore defamation case against NCP minister Nawab Malik for making false allegations against him and his family members in the cruise drug bust case.

She alleged that Malik was trying to settle old accounts from her.

Addressing the media in Mumbai, Kamboj said, “Rishabh Sachdev is my brother-in-law. He is my wife’s younger brother. During the NCB action, he along with other passengers stood in a queue to board the cruise ship. Several people were detained and taken to the agency’s office. But after a thorough investigation, the NCB let Sachdev and others go.

“There is no question of possessing drugs nor having any connection with drug peddlers. My brother-in-law is neither a friend nor has any relation with Aryan Khan or his friends.

Malik has alleged that NCB detained Rishabh Sachdev from the cruise ship that was raided last week, and released him within hours after BJP leaders in Delhi and Maharashtra called the agency .

Alleging that the NCP was deliberately dragging the name of the BJP into the issue to politicize the issue, Kamboj said: “I am no longer active in the BJP. I am a sympathizer of the BJP.”

“The NCP minister is settling old accounts by making irresponsible and serious allegations against my family. In
In 2012, Malik’s family was trying to demand Rs 50 lakh for a property in Juhu. Since I had intervened and sabotaged the deal, they left no chance to attack me.

He said that Malik is openly misusing his power.

Responding to Malik’s allegations, the BJP said the NCP minister is “playing the role of a lawyer defending the accused”.
“Through media testing, Melak is trying to establish a new narrative by attacking the BJP. However, such efforts will not help in hiding the truth… Malik is deliberately and wrongly trying to name the BJP in this matter.”

Instead of appreciating the action of NCB, Malik is attacking it and pointing fingers at BJP. It is clear that Malik is trying to politicize the issue to defend the accused. He is trying to create pressure, hope this will help in freeing the culprits.

Upadhyay said, “If Malik is so fond of playing the role of the accused’s lawyer, he can represent the case in court.”




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