MNS workers thrash hotel manager, DJ in Mumbai for not playing Marathi songs

A group of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) workers allegedly thrashed a manager and the disc jockey (DJ) at a hotel in Vashi for not playing Marathi songs during a function Wednesday night.

According to sources, the incident took place during a get together of a company when some of the company staffers demanded the DJ to play Marathi songs. However, the hotel staffers allegedly refused to play the songs.

The staffers then complained to MNS workers who intervened and allegedly thrashed the employees of the hotel and the DJ and after that, the Marathi songs were played.

The assault was caught on camera but till now, there has been no police complaint in the matter.

MNS spokesperson Gajanan Kale said, “A get together was organised at a hotel in Vashi during which the company staffers were insisting on playing Marathi songs. But the manager and DJ both refused. After receiving the complaint, MNS workers went there and initially requested with folded hands and later by raising their voices and then the songs were played. Such incidents are increasing in the cities. In Maharashtra, Marathi songs should be played, otherwise MNS will raise its voice.”