Meta to axe Quest Pro, its flagship VR headset

Meta’s Quest Pro, the company’s most high-end mixed-reality headset, may soon be discontinued. According to The Information, Meta has stopped ordering new components for the device and has no plans for a second-generation model.

The Quest Pro was launched in October last year with high expectations, but it failed to impress the mixed-reality community. The headset was criticized for its heavy weight, uncomfortable fit, and poor software. The $1,500 price tag also deterred many buyers, forcing Meta to lower it to $1,000.

The report claims that Meta informed its suppliers at the start of this year that it would not need any more parts for the Quest Pro. The headset’s manufacturer, Goertek, will only produce units until the existing supplies run out.

Meta seems to be shifting its focus to its more affordable headsets. The Quest 3, which is expected to launch this fall, will reportedly offer a superior XR experience than the Quest Pro, with a higher resolution and a depth sensor.

Meta is also working on its first augmented reality (AR) headset, codenamed Artemis, which is slated for a 2027 release. However, the report says that Meta will use an older LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology for the display, instead of the more advanced microLED panels that it had originally planned. This will result in lower contrast and brightness than Apple’s Vision Pro, which uses a high-end screen.

The report also says that the Artemis will have a 50-degree field of view, rather than the 70-degree FOV that was initially envisioned.

Regardless, Meta’s future plans for the premium VR/AR market are unclear. But if Apple’s Vision Pro tastes success it may prompt the company to resume its high-end hardware development.