Mandviwala’s comment on not considering Israel in the interest of Pakistan

PPP Senator Salim Mandviwala on Sunday called on Pakistan to focus on its “interests” with regard to Israel, withdrawing its statement, saying it never supported recognition of a Jewish state or trade with it, And insisted that his words were being “distorted”. ,

This statement of the senator came a day after his commented On Pakistan’s ability to maintain diplomatic relations with Israel, saying that the country should do what is in its best interest.

in an exclusive interview with don news tvMandviwala, whose party is part of the government, had said: “We should not stop talks and trade with any country. People criticize Israel. [but] We have to take care of our interests.”

Pakistan does not recognize Israel and therefore does not have diplomatic relations with it. The country has been a staunch supporter of the Palestinian state.

Clarifying his earlier statement in conversation with don.comMandviwala said his words about Israel were being distorted. “I never wanted Pakistan to have further ties with Israel or do business with it.”

He insisted that it was not in Pakistan’s interest to recognize Israel.

The senator insisted that his views on Israel were quite clear that Pakistan should not recognize it, adding: “I have made a similar statement in parliament.”

He said the world knows about Israel’s atrocities against unarmed Palestinians.

“The silence of the global community against Israel’s persecution of Palestinians is worrying,” Mandviwala said.

Last month, revelations of several Pakistani expatriates recently traveled Israel sparked a controversy as part of a delegation that drew criticism from several quarters, including the former prime minister. Imran Khan and his party. This prompted the PML-N-led government to clarify that it had not sponsored or supported the delegation’s visit.

The issue was discussed at length in Parliament, press conferences and public meetings where questions were raised about the government’s role in relation to the delegation’s visit to Israel. Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Mushtaq Ahmed in the Upper House of Parliament demanded That the nationality of expatriates traveling to Israel be revoked and NGOs facilitating their travel be banned.

He said the visit of Ahmed Qureshi, who was working for state-run Pakistan Television (PTV) as part of the delegation, raised many questions and sought to know under what authority and on which travel document he traveled.

Information Minister Maryam Aurangzeb also told a correspondent that ptv was contract terminated Of the anchorperson visiting Israel “in his personal capacity”.