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Johannesburg, Jan 8 (PTI) US-based Guernsey auction house has agreed to postpone its planned auction of keys to a cell in Robben Island, where former President Nelson Mandela spent most of his 27-year term as a political prisoner. Was. Completed. In 1994, he was democratically elected President of South Africa.

Following the intervention of the South African government, it emerged that the keys were made available for auction along with other Mandela inquisitors on 22 January.

Online sales of the key were expected to generate over £1 million. The Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture, Nathi Mathewwa, who welcomed the decision, said the South African nation holds the key in terms of the National Heritage Resources Act.

“The key is a symbol of the painful history of South Africa as well as the victory of the human spirit over evil. The key is a living testimony to the long struggle of South African independence and belonging to the people of South Africa. It must therefore be returned to the country in the right way. ,” Matthews said on Friday after learning of the verdict. Matthews ordered an investigation into reports that the keys were provided to Guernsey by Mandela’s jailer Christo Brand and subsequent reconciliation efforts after Mandela came to power. As part of this, Robben became a tour guide on the island.

The minister said whether this is true or not, it is a serious matter which is being considered at the highest level.

He said the master key to Robben Island’s cells was still there, so the investigation would determine whether Mandela’s cell key was copied.

“No person has the right to keep this important object of cultural and heritage importance. Robben Island is a National Monument and National Museum, and also a World Heritage Site, declared by UNESCO in 1999, and is therefore governed by several heritage declarations,” Matthews said.

Guernsey has undertook to make arrangements for the return of the keys to South Africa in consultation with the relevant South African authorities. Details of such arrangements will be made available later.

Guernsey has also agreed to stop the sale of various other items belonging to Mandela, as the South African Heritage Resource Agency (SAHRA) believes such items are also part of national property.

SAHRA worked closely with the sports, arts and culture departments; International Relations and Cooperation; and the Office of Chief State Law Advisors on Justice and Correctional Services as well as negotiations with the Robben Island Museum, the Office of the Solicitor General and Guernsey.

Mathewwa said that the Sahara should involve the Mandela family and the Nelson Mandela Foundation to establish whether all other objects are part of the national asset.

The auction house previously said that the items at auction included Mandela’s glasses, ceremonial pens received from President George W. Bush and the United Nations, and a powerful bronze cast of his fist. PTI FH RHL

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