Man City fans party on streets of Istanbul ahead of Champions League final

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manchester City The fans have started partying in the streets of Istanbul side to side Champions League final collision with inter Milan on Saturday.

The first wave of fans could be seen roaming the city center on Thursday, throwing sparklers and singing club songs.

They will soon be joined by thousands of other fans in the city, hoping to see their team bring home their first Champions League trophy.

One City fan, Kevin Ryan, 45, flew straight to City from Manchester with his father, Liam, 74.

Speaking to PA news agency in front of a giant inflatable Champions League cup in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, he said he planned to “party” if Man City won the final.

However, he said he would do so without a drink in hand.

“It’s in the middle of nowhere,” he said.

“You can’t drink in the stadium… two hours before the start of the game, no more drinks.

“At least we’ll remember the game. It’s always nice, isn’t it?”

He added that he was “extremely sure” that Man City would win.

“We are the best team in Europe, if not the world,” he said.

“We should (win), but you never know, it’s football.”

Liam said the pair had a “schedule of sightseeing” ahead of Saturday’s match.

“We have an itinerary and we’re going to see a lot of things,” he said.

“You can go and drink all day however you want to enjoy it, it’s beautiful.”

At the top of his list was the picture in front of the Blue Mosque.

“I’m going to wear my blue city shirt to the blue mosque tomorrow,” Kevin said.

while the Howe family, also from Manchester, could be found drinking with other fans in a nearby Dubliner pub.

Staff and fans in the pub lit sparklers outside, which lit up the street.

Sam Howe, 25, said he plans to stay up all night if Man City win.

“We’re on a plane back at 5 in the morning, so keep going straight, keep drinking,” he said.

Sam’s mother, Colette, said that she does not go to Istanbul except to see the city play.

“We wouldn’t have come here if City played here but we like it here and we like the music,” he said.

“They’ve got City Music on.”