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  • In the inauguration ceremony, Mamta Banerjee did the right thing to PM Modi, said- ‘We have already inaugurated it’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday inaugurated the premises of Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital in Kolkata. Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was also present in this program. That is, both Modi and Mamta were present on the virtual stage.

According to the mood, even Mamta did not miss the opportunity. Mamta started telling the Prime Minister about the complex which was inaugurated by the Prime Minister. Mamta said- We have inaugurated the program in which you are taking interest long ago.

Modi remained silent after listening to Mamta
Mamta said, ‘The health minister called me twice. That’s why I thought that the program in which the Prime Minister is taking interest in Kolkata should be informed to him. We have already inaugurated this complex. Let us also tell you how we inaugurated this campus.

When corona started we needed a covid care center. One day I came to this campus and saw that it is attached to the state government. That’s why we inaugurated it. During which Mamta was giving information about the campus to the Prime Minister, during that time Modi was silently listening to her and was nodding her head.

Didi kept calling during Modi’s speech
Some more videos of this virtual program have also surfaced. In these, the Prime Minister is seen giving a speech after inaugurating the Cancer Institute building and Mamta Banerjee is seen surfing on her mobile.

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