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Nearly four months after demanding a separate time zone for the Northeast, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma now wants Assam̵7;s capital Guwahati to be declared one of the national capitals along with New Delhi.

Sarma ratified five national capitals for the country from each region, so that all these places could be equally prosperous as New Delhi.

“India should have five national capitals. Contribution of people of Assam, South in Delhi’s prosperity India and North India. With these contributions, the annual GDP of Delhi is about 15 lakh crores and with this you run 1,200 schools. Our GDP is Rs 5 lakh crore and we run 40,000 schools. So it will take people like Kejriwal many years to understand such a burning country. They have no information about northeast, split or major earthquake.”

“Till 2014 we had to suffer for long periods of negligence. I have suggested that there should be five national capitals in the country. Then the chief minister of Delhi will never make fun of the Northeast. You can’t compare an orange to an apple. An apple should be compared with only one apple. Make Guwahati the national capital, then raise this question after 10 years. Only those who run the country with slogans will divide the nation. It is an open truth that we are underdeveloped because you have taken away all the prosperity Now it’s our turn to get our share. Compare Delhi with New York, Tokyo or London, why on earth Guwahati. Are you in such a bad situation? If so, get help from us,” suggested Sarma,

“My view is that we should work on curing the disease of inequality, not making fun of poor states. Can we have five capitals of India, one in each region,” Sarma tweeted on August 28.

twitter war

Twitter war between Sarma And his Delhi counterpart Arvind Kejriwal began with a report on the closure of government schools in Assam, which eventually turned into an assessment of the standard and quality of schools in both the states. Sarma invited Kejriwal to come to Assam and then the Delhi CM said in the meeting that he had not been given a formal invitation. What started with the status of government schools and the education model adopted in the respective states has become an all-out political debate.

A new twist came on August 29 when Kejriwal took to Twitter to greet the people of Assam on the death anniversary of Srimanta Sankar Dev.

Responding to this, Sarma said, ‘Why does he call the people of Assam so corrupt? As far as I know, it takes more than three months to do the paperwork for house construction and other permissions, in New Delhi it takes more than several months. It takes hardly 15 days in Assam. We feel proud that the CM of Assam is being discussed in the Delhi Assembly. It is a symbol of a rising Assam.”

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“Finally, after seven decades of denial and recklessness, the process of mainstreaming the North-East began in 2014, and the pace of progress is unbelievable. The North-East does not need sympathy and ridicule, we need what is due to us – respect, resourcefulness and upliftment. This will ensure that governments like Delhi do not have huge assets as compared to the states of North-East and East,” he tweeted.

Time Zone

Often referred to as the Gateway to the Northeast, Guwahati was the capital of the Hindu kingdom of Kamrup (known as Pragjyotisa) around 400 CE. In the 17th century, the city repeatedly shook hands between Muslims and Ahoms until it became the seat of the Ahom governor of lower Assam in 1681; In 1786, the Ahom king made it his capital. Myanmar (Burma) occupied Guwahati from 1816 to 1826, when it became the British capital of Assam. The capital was moved 67 miles (108 km) south to Shillong in 1874.

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Presenting a report on the boundary agreement with Meghalaya in the state assembly in March 2022, Sarma said the signing of the agreement “has laid the seeds of a new united Northeast”. he left again To talk about a different time zone for the zone. “Today, we need a different time zone for the Northeast. If we extend this by two hours, we will save on electricity consumption, improve our work efficiency and our health. Then we will be able to make it in sync with our biological clock,” he said.

The reason for the demand is loss of daylight hours and higher use of electricity. The distance between India’s east to west is 2,933 km, which is equivalent to a time difference of two hours. In the northeast, around the summer solstice, sunrise occurs at 4:15 a.m.

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