Madhya Pradesh: BJP MLAs came out in a different tone after hearing Digvijay Singh’s ‘Ramdhun’ remark – Bharat Times Hindi News


Former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh and BJP MLA and former pro tem speaker of MP assembly Rameshwar Sharma often make headlines for their public comments, pitting each other in an interesting tug of war in the state. The interesting thing is that both of them have expressed faith in Lord Ram over each other on political ideologies. Earlier, in a viral video, the MLA had threatened to break the knees of Congress leaders, while Digvijay Singh announced Ramdhun at the former’s residence on November 24.

It all started when a video of Bhopal MLA Sharma went viral, in which he was heard urging the public to break the knees of Congress leaders if they enter the area concerned. “Digvijay Singh came here and you all know what he did for you,” he said. As the video went viral, a political stalwart took advantage of the opportunity to declare himself a Congress leader and a Gandhian. “I will start the yatra on November 24 from the statue of Mahatma Gandhi and perform Ramdhun at Rameshwar Sharma’s house. Let him break my knees.”

Apparently, after his video went viral, Sharma put up huge hoardings of Lord Ram outside his house and arranged to welcome the Rajya Sabha MP and others, a day before Singh’s proposed visit to his house on November 23. With a grand arrangement.

“It seems to be the special mercy of the Almighty that a person (Digvijay Singh) who has been against Lord Ram all his life, announces the song Ramdhun at my doorstep. I will leave no stone unturned to welcome the guests and if anything happens to me, I will apologize to them.”

However, Congress leaders took it as a dedication from him. Responding to the BJP MLA’s remark, former minister and Digvijay Singh loyalist PC Sharma said it was like a meek surrender of Rameshwar Sharma, who announced breaking the knees of Congress leaders.

To add, Sharma has been in trouble in the past with his inflammatory comments on the Jodha-Akbar love affair and the Sindhi community. Though political analysts do not find anything unusual in Singh’s move, Dinesh Gupta, a senior political journalist, justified the Rajya Sabha member’s move, saying he was trying to respond on behalf of his party. He wondered why leaders like MPCC Kamal Nath did not react to Sharma’s remarks.

However, many still believe that whatever Digvijay Singh says or does in politics has an often unseen motive behind it and only time will tell what is his real motive behind the said move against the BJP leader. Which certainly doesn’t match his political stature.

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