Macron: ‘Peak’ of French riots has passed

PARIS ̵1; President Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday that the “peak” of last week’s riots across France has passed.

“I will still be very cautious in the days and weeks ahead, but the peak we experienced the first nights [of the riots] is over, and now it is the permanent, republican order we all want… and it is the absolute priority,” he told French mayors, according to bfmtv,

The French president gathered at the Elysee Palace along with some 250 mayors from cities targeted during the riots.

The killing of a 17-year-old teenager of North African descent by a police officer last week threw France into chaos, sparking violent protests across the country and reigniting long-running tensions between youths and police, who have Has been accused of cruelty. and racial discrimination.

In the last week, rioters have swag Many symbols of the French Republic, such as shops, schools, police stations, libraries and other public buildings, were targeted, and, in one case, the home of a mayor and his family was attacked.

The riots are showing signs of abating. Around 72 people were arrested overnight on Monday, which is a huge decrease than the weekend,

Macron made a surprise visit to police buildings in Paris on Monday evening in a show of support for the officers. according to Le ParisienThe French President told him that 13 and 14 July – the eve and day of a French national holiday – would be a test.

“I don’t think it’s behind us. We will see what happens on July 13 and 14 and in the months to come,” he reportedly said, asking police officers to be on high alert.

On Tuesday, Macron announced an “emergency law” to speed up the rebuilding of public infrastructure damaged in the riots following Nahel M’s death.