LIVE UPDATES: Shooting of Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico

Slovakia’s defense and interior ministers blamed rising hate speech and division for the political climate in the country, which he said led to the attempted assassination of Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Speaking to reporters outside the hospital where Fico is being treated, Defense Minister Robert Kalinac said: “This needs to stop immediately. I beg you, please. Hate is not the answer to hatred.”

Kalinak, clearly shaken and struggling for words during the news conference, said it was “time for some people to look in the mirror.”

“There is no doubt that it was politically motivated. The inability to accept people’s choices, which some people may not like…that’s what leads to this,” he said.

“Everyone needs to calm down,” Interior Minister Mateusz Shutaj Estok said.

“Those who are supporting this attack and also those who are calling for some kind of revenge. And I am also asking you, the media, please use your power, your influence. Because till now, only some of you were sowing the seeds of hatred,” he said.