Live Updates: Russia’s War in Ukraine

The 27 leaders of EU countries are expected to support the grant EU candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova at the two-day summit held in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, according to a senior EU official.

Speaking to reporters in Brussels on Wednesday, the EU official said “I see no problem in granting candidate status to Ukraine,” and lauded the work of European Council President Charles Michel.

But the senior official added: “I want to tell you that ‘it’s a done deal’ and ‘it’s easy,'” but after years of working inside the EU, institutions do not want to settle on a definitive answer. Were.

“So I am confident, but I am also cautious,” the officer said.

Separately, a senior diplomat from an EU country said that “Ukraine and the Commission have done a very good job” in preparing Ukraine’s bid to start the long process of joining the EU, and the diplomat’s country”. Was pleased with the report on the table”.

The diplomat shrugged off expectations, saying that granting country status to Ukraine’s candidate doesn’t mean we can go ahead, side-tracking everything that’s usually on the table. It’s not, and I think it’s not fair.”

Asked about a timetable for Ukraine to become a full EU member state, the diplomat said: “I think only one can set a timetable, because Ukraine has to adapt, change, Improvements have to be made, and in the current circumstances, we understand that the priorities lie elsewhere.”