Live Updates: Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, will resign

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, center left, looks on during a session in the House of Commons on April 19 in London, England. (Jessica Taylor/UK Parliament/Reuters)

Conservative lawmakers and officials could breathe a sigh of relief if Boris Johnson resigns this morning.

However, there are immediate concerns for those who aspire to the top position before the leadership competition begins.

Johnson will leave behind a badly divided party who will inherit the crown.

The prime minister himself – his conduct, his decisions and whether or not he deserves the support of his party – has in itself been one of the major divisive issues.

Then there are ideological divisions in the party, intensified by years of arguments over Brexit and individual liberties during the pandemic.

Despite the Brexit vote being held six years ago, there is still great disagreement about what the relationship should be with Europe, from aspects of EU re-joining to open hostilities over international treaties.

The mess will be inherited by Johnson’s successor in 2010, 12 years after the party came to power. The country is facing a life crisis and the party’s approval rating has been going down for months.

As tempting as it may sound Britain’s leader (and there are plenty of people ready to throw their hats in the ring), it will be difficult to break out of the shadow of the most famous prime minister since Winston Churchill to take office. ,