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Dhahran: The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, also known as Ithra, has partnered with the Cinema Society in Dhahran to introduce programs and initiatives designed to aid in the development of the film sector in the kingdom and promote local Has helped industry professionals develop their talents. ,

The partnership agreement was signed by Abdullah Al-Rashed, Director of Ithra, and Hana Al-Omair, President of the Cinema Society, on the sidelines of the 9th edition of the Saudi Film Festival.

The agreement aims to create initiatives that can help aspiring talents in the local film industry develop their skills through participation in programs in which they can learn from established professionals. It will also empower content providers to create opportunities for skill development.

Abdullah Al-Rashed, director of Ithra, said the collaboration was important because of the important role both organizations play in the cultural sector.

Hana Al-Omer, president of the Cinema Society, said the organization̵7;s goals include support for the cultural sector and the promotion of creative and expressive cinematic content.

Al-Omayr said, “At the Cinema Society we are looking forward to providing a meaningful space for talented and pioneers, as has been our role and vision since the establishment of the society.”

The Saudi Film Festival, which began on May 4 and runs until May 11, features film screenings and related activities at Ithra, including an expert program for industry professionals.

Tickets are available for the public screening, after which the audience has the chance to participate in a conversation with the filmmakers. There is also a chance to experience the thrill of cinematic virtual reality, wherein films are shown in a fully immersive, 360-degree form with special visuals and audios to provide an enhanced sensory experience.

The festival includes a produce market where industry professionals can meet, chat and network. Also on the schedule are discussion sessions on a range of topics related to the film industry in the Kingdom, including the Red Sea Film Festival, the Film Commission, NEOM and Film Al-Ula.

A series of masterclasses, presented in Arabic and English by international and local industry experts, will explore a range of film and script-related topics, including: “Grab ’em at Hello,” “Creative Writing,” “General VFX,” “The Perfection of Our Creative Faults,” “Co-Producing Documentaries and Feature Films,” “Strategic PR for Festivals” and “Distribution.”