Laura Ingraham warns that the modern left will destroy the Second Amendment, the entire Constitution

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Laura Ingraham claimed that modern leftists would abolish the Second Amendment and “the entire Constitution, if possible” in Thursday’s opening monologue.ingraham angle,

Laura Ingraham: modern american leftThey do not [get it], They don’t like you. They despise you. You have to understand this. And they don’t want regular, ordinary people to be free to defend themselves and their families. Why now? Why don’t they want that? Because they want you to be dependent. They want you to be scared. They want you to continue to yearn for whatever scrap they decide to throw at you.

Supreme Court Cannon ruling overrules rule that sets high bar for concealed carry licenses

they want end the second amendment In a heartbeat if they could – and frankly, the entire Constitution, for that matter. But thankfully – thankfully – our founders were very intelligent. He saw how power corrupted otherwise sane men and how important it was to leave behind a document that would protect all people – not just the upper layers – against abuse.

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And thankfully, we have six judges on the court who respected the simple language of the text and the intent of the framers.

Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
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