Labour will keep tax burden for workers ‘as low as we can’ – Starmer

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Tax levels for working people to be as “low” as possible LaborSir Keir Starmer has indicated.

The comments came in an interview with daily MirrorAs the Labor leader was asked whether he wanted to cut taxes for the lowest earners.

He said: “I want to place as little burden on the working people as possible.”

Labor remains ahead of the Conservative Party in the polls, with the party confident of regaining power at the next general election.

I think we need to show, as Keir has, that we are a government that looks forward with clarity to rebuilding our economy, rebuilding our public services and giving Britain back its confidence.

Seema Malhotra, Shadow Small Scale Industries Minister

In a speech at the weekend, Sir Keir claimed his project to reform the party after the Corbyn era was a version “on steroids” of Sir Tony Blair’s symbolic rewrite of Volume Four.

But the Labor leader and shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves The challenges Labor will face if it wins the next general election, as well as the limits of current economic conditions, have been made clear.

Sir Keir told the newspaper that his party would “inherit very difficult circumstances” if it entered government.

He added: “That makes it even more important that we hit the ground running and restore that sense of hope that has been lost.”

Sir Keir said:People Can’t spend a day, a week or a month more out of it, they certainly can’t afford for Rishi Sunak to hold on to power for as long as he cares to do so.

“They need change and the sooner we are in a position to provide that change, the better.

“The longer they are in office, the more damage they will do.”

Asked in the context of Sir Tony’s landmark 1995 decision, the party’s shadow small business minister Seema Malhotra told BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour: “I think we need to show that, as kiir, that we are a government that looks forward with clarity to what is needed to rebuild our economy, to rebuild our public services, and to deliver Britain Its confidence back.