Labour MP registers complaint against Geraint Davies after harassment claims

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LONDON ̵1; A sitting Labor MP has now lodged a complaint against Geraint Davies as the party is rocked by allegations of misconduct against the long-serving backbencher.

Two complaints have now been formally made to Britain’s opposition party, while two other women said they are considering coming forward.

Davies was suspended from the party whip on Thursday following the allegations Reported by Politico, that he attracted unwanted sexual attention to five young female colleagues. The allegations were described by a party spokesman as “incredibly serious”.

A sixth and seventh woman made complaints to Labor after the Politico investigation was published. These include a complaint from a serving Labor MP.

Davis said in a statement responding to the initial story He did not “identify” with the allegations, saying: “If I have inadvertently offended anyone, I am naturally sorry.”

Any complaints submitted against Davis will now form part of a Labor Party inquiry into the MP’s conduct launched on Thursday, a person familiar with the matter – but not authorized to speak publicly – said.


Davies was first elected to Croydon Central in 1997 and has represented Swansea West since 2010, serving on the Welsh Affairs and Environment Select Committees.

His alleged behavior appears to be an open secret in some parts of the Labor Party, although insiders have previously stressed the difficulty of taking action in the absence of a formal complaint.

Two Labor MPs, who permitted anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, but were not among those mentioned earlier in this article, claimed that Davies’ alleged misconduct was well known.

A member of Keir Starmer’s frontbench team said she had heard “he would behave inappropriately” and that he would “target young women”. [House of Commons] When people were drinking on the terrace and then he used to message them.

One Labor backbencher said “he would make you feel really uncomfortable” and “always find a reason to touch you.”

A sitting Labor MP has now lodged a complaint against Geraint Davies UK Parliament

Speaking on Friday, shadow minister Alex Norris said he had not heard prior reports about Davies’ alleged behaviour. He said, “What I read yesterday was what everyone else read, and it was the first time I had seen or heard of these things.”

When pressed, he told Sky News: “Colleagues will have their views and experiences, but this was mine, and as I say, those allegations are really serious, it’s right that they are being taken very seriously.” Is.

“Geraint has been suspended, and that’s right it has been investigated, and we will see those facts be established in due course.”

A Labor Party spokesman said: “The Labor Party takes complaints of sexual harassment and abuse extremely seriously and takes action in response to each complaint.” The party has urged anyone raising informal concerns to make a formal complaint.


Davis is already suspended Started introspection in the party.

On Friday, Stella Creasy became the latest Labor MP to call for action, telling POLITICO that the reported cases raise questions about the party’s complaints process, which is now being reviewed at the behest of Labor general secretary David Evans. Is.

Creasy told POLITICO: “The [Evans] The review should include not only whether complaints are being investigated, but what the responsibilities of each Labor Party representative should be when an allegation is made, similar to the safeguarding duties on many types of officials in other areas.

“We were told that Labor has now started a process to give people the confidence to come forward. These cases raise questions on that assurance.

Jenny Simmons, president of the GMB trade union branch representing labor employees, said the allegations against Davies highlighted the need for “cluster reporting” – the reporting of multiple complaints made by different people about the same person. Ability to link – to Parliament’s own complaints scheme which investigates allegations against MPs.