Kremlin claims Ukraine tried to kill Putin in Moscow drone attack

Russia says it foiled a pro-Ukraine plot to target President Vladimir Putin̵7;s official residence with an overnight drone strike, Kremlin’s press service Said Wednesday.

“We consider these actions to be a well-planned terrorist attack and an attempt on the president’s life,” the statement said, adding that Putin “was not injured”. [and] His work schedule hasn’t changed.”

The Kremlin provided no evidence that Ukraine carried out the attack and POLITICO was unable to independently verify the claims.

“The Russian side has the right to retaliate where and when it deems appropriate,” Putin’s office said, adding that two drones headed toward the Kremlin were destroyed by Russian military and special services.

Ukrainian officials have not publicly responded to the news.

a series of unverified Video It has since been published online to show anti-aircraft fire over the Kremlin.

In a statement on Wednesday morning, Moscow officials announced A city-wide ban on the launch of civilian drones, with those flouting the rules liable to face criminal charges.

This is a developing story.