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Staying indoors during the lockdown gave you extra time to give people revolutionary ways to deal with boredom. Many indulged in good skincare regimes which have been influenced by the promotion of their OK-pop plays.

Quick fix- The magnificence began to develop and the world was in a storm.

One of the many viral OK-beauty trends is the glassy pores and skin that everyone craves. It is a skincare development in which the face appears shiny, dull and shiny like glass.

The vitreous pores and skin are lined with an easy skin-texture, and plump pores and skin.

There are 10-steps in the vitreous pores and skin regime that embraces:

1. Cleansing the Facial with Water Cleanser

2. Cleansing with an Oil Based or Foam Based Cleanser

3. Exit

4. Toner

5. Essence

6. Serum

7. Sheet Mask

8. Eye Cream

9. Moisturizer

10. SPF Sunscreen

If you are in need of vitreous pores and skin at home, here are some things you can try:

1. rice water

Fermented rice water has been a part of Korean skin care routine for many years. This will increase the collagen formation within the pores and skin and make it supple and prevent ageing. It can assist with pores and skin injury from the sun.

2. Aloe vera gel

It is fantastic for repairing dry and clogged pores and skin and keeping it hydrated.

3. Honey

Honey is considered one of nature’s most coveted pore and skin remedies. It’s usually a pure humectant, so it helps keep pores and skin moist but not oily. It helps in reducing the splendid scars and wrinkles.

4. Sugar

Using brown sugar in a scrub also works as an exfoliant. It helps keep pores and skin moisturized, lightens tan, helps fade blemishes and reduces pimples.

5. Vitamin C and E Serum

Vitamin C has the power to brighten pores and skin, reduce brilliant scars and wrinkles, and reduce discoloration and uneven pores and skin tone. It will enhance the build-up of collagen and elastin, which provide strength and bounce to the pores and skin. The pairing of vitamins C and E makes them super-antioxidants.

6. steam therapeutic massage

Skip the facial and provide your face with a therapeutic steam therapeutic massage within the shower. It will unclog pores and loosen whiteheads and blackheads.

Hydrate yourself, train often, set a bedtime, and add healthy fats to your weight loss plan with the above skincare routines to give yourself that glassy pores and skin look.

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